GSoC ’16 final

This year’s GSoC has ended.

My project was to develop new OpenGL profiling view for QApitrace to accompany profiling backends and custom metrics support for Apitrace added last year.

Unfortunately, I was not able to completely finish the project. Some features are still missing, and I haven’t received much feedback on the whole thing yet. Nevertheless, profiling GUI is pretty much usable at the moment and can be found under the links below:

Link to frozen repository (@ GSoC end):

Link to working repository (to be updated):

(Note: compilation is the same as for Apitrace with GUI; new profiling view can be found in the menu (Trace -> Profile with backends))

I’ll continue the work on the project and try merging as soon as it’s feature complete and there is enough feedback.

What is done:

  1. New metrics support (new ones are most likely to be found on Mesa for Intel gen 5-8, Nouveau, also proprietary AMD drivers can features some) via metric selection interface
  2. Drawcalls profiling view: graph view (timelines, histograms for metrics) with OpenGL acceleration; table raw metric data view (with sorting/grouping)
  3. Basic UI interactions (range selection, zooming, scrolling etc.)

What is left to do:

  1. Frame metrics view
  2. Statistics pane
  3. Interactions between graph view and table view
  4. Quality of life UI additions
  5. Some performance tuning