GSoC: Summary

The project was to improve the profiling capabilities of apitrace.

  1. Abstraction system for profiling in glretrace (+ AMD_perfmon, INTEL_perfquery support)
    This part of the project is ready.
    Description can be found here: Description
    The patchset is sent upstream for approving. There are some little problems at the moment, but I hope everything will be fine.
  2. GUI: Improving profiling view in QApitrace
    Unfortunately, there was not enough time to finish the GUI.
    Some individual parts are ready.
    What is missing now are data visualizations (histograms, charts etc.)
    It would be nice to have them in QML, but it seems like there are no currently available solutions for that. It should be written from scratch. Perhaps old widgets can be used, at least for some time.
    Here is, for example, screenshot of how metric selection looks like:
    I am going to continue the work on the GUI (probably after it would be more clear if the previous patchset is going to be accepted and with what changes).

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